Printing a Diamond Pattern in C

In this tutorial we are looking at how to print a diamond pattern using the C language. The diamond pattern algorithm question is often used in C courses, so it make sense that we also take a look at it. More »

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PHP Tutorial – File Handling

In this PHP web-programming language we will take a look at file handling. We will take a look at how to open en close a file, how to read a file line by line and how to read a file character by character. More »

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C Tutorial – A Star pyramid and String triangle using for loops

In this C language tutorial we will look at a much-requested subject, printing a star pyramid and a string triangle using for loops.

We know that this question is often asked as part of homework (lab) assignments, but we got so much requests that we couldn’t ignore it. BUT we are urging you to at least try to make the homework questions yourself! At the end of this tutorial we will give two alternative questions, so you can try to fix those yourself. More »

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C Tutorial – Number of Seconds in Decade and Visa-Versa

In a previous C language tutorial post the user “nikko manlangit” asked the following question: “How to convert seconds to decade or vice-versa?”. This C tutorial make use of time.h functions to answer his question. More »

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C++ Binary Operator Overloading Greater or Less than

In a previous c++ language tutorial we looked at C++ overloading of binary operators. In the comment section of this tutorial the user ‘prince’ asked for a binary operator overloading example of < (less than) and > greater than. This tutorial is the answer to his question. More »

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PHP Tutorial – include and require

In this PHP language tutorial we will take a look at server side includes (SSI). We will look at include(), require() and require_once() functions. These functions can be used to insert content of one PHP file into another PHP file (on the server side) before the server will execute the file. More »

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Rewrite of one C++ Tutorial

After a comment of a visitor on the C++ Unary and binary operator overloading and static members we did a complete rewrite of the page, because there where some minor errors. The new tutorial is much better in our opinion and it has more examples + you can download the large examples. So don’t forget to check it out!

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Unary and Binary Operator Table

Below you’ll find all the unary and binary operators in one easy table: More »

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C Tutorial – Searching for Strings in a Text File

In this C language tutorial we will show you how to search for a string in a text files. We will make use of command-line input, fopen or fopen_c and system to clear the screen. Make sure that you have read and understand the following tutorial C tutorial File I/O using Text Files before you continue this one. Add the end of the tutorial you can download the source code of this tutorial.

We start this C language tutorial with some include statements. To make use of strings in your program you need to make sure that you include the header file string.h
More »

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C Reference String Operation: strstr()

The function strstr() returns a pointer to the first occurrence of x in a string.
It is also know as searching for a sub-string in a string.


char * strstr ( const char *, const char * );
char * strstr ( char * str1, const char * str2 );

Return Value

A pointer to the first occurrence in str1 of any of the entire sequence of characters specified in str2. If nothing is found a null pointer is returned if the sequence is not present in str1.
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