(ANSI) C Reference – Control the Flow

A look at with which commands you can alter the flow of a C program.

You could also take a look at the C If – Switch statement tutorial.
You could also take a look at the C Loops tutorial.

{ } –>  Block delimiters

; –>  Statement terminator

break –>  Exit from switch, while, do, for

continue –>  Next iteration of while, do, for

goto label –>  Go to

label: –>  Label

return expr –>  Return value from function

if (expr) statement –>  if statement

else if (expr) statement –>  else if statement

else statement –>  else statement

while (expr) –>  while statement


for (expr1; expr2) –>  for statement


do statement –>  do statement

while (expr); –>

switch (expr) –>  switch statement


case const1: statement1 break;

case const2: statement2 break;

default: statement


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