(ANSI) C Reference – Data Types – Declarations

A look at the different data types and declarations that is possible in the C programming language.

char ->  character

int ->  integer

float ->  float(single precision)

double ->  float(double precision)

short ->  short (16 bit integer)

long ->  long (32 bit integer)

signed ->  positive and negative

unsigned ->  positive only

*int, *float, .. ->  pointer to int, float, ..

const ->  constant

enum ->  enumeration constant

extern ->  declare external variable

static ->  local to source file

register ->  register variable

void ->  no value

struct ->  structure

sizeof object ->  size of an object (type is size_t)

sizeof (type name) ->  size of a data-type (type is size_t)

typedef typename ->  create name by data-type

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