C Reference String Operation: strstr()

The function strstr() returns a pointer to the first occurrence of x in a string.
It is also know as searching for a sub-string in a string.


char * strstr ( const char *, const char * );
char * strstr ( char * str1, const char * str2 );

Return Value

A pointer to the first occurrence in str1 of any of the entire sequence of characters specified in str2. If nothing is found a null pointer is returned if the sequence is not present in str1.

strstr() source code example:

int main ()
  char a[] ="Just some random string";
  char * ptr_b;
  ptr_b = strstr (a,"string");
  ptr_b = strstr (a,"wrong");
  return 0;

Output of the example:


Note: the first output the word string because the word is found, the second word isn’t found that’s why null is returned.

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