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C++ Typecasting Part 2 – RTTI, dynamic_cast, typeid and type_info

Before you start this C++ programming tutorial on RTTI, dynamic_cast, typeid and type_info,
make sure you fully understand the previous tutorial on static_cast, const_cast and reinterpret_cast.

Runtime Type Information (RTTI)

Runtime Type Information (RTTI) is the concept of determining the type of any variable during execution (runtime.) The RTTI mechanism contains: More »

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C++ Preprocessor Directives

In this C++ programming tutorial we will look at compiling and preprocessor directives. Whenever a CPP program is compiled then the following steps are taken: More »

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C++ Binary Operator Overloading Greater or Less than

In a previous c++ language tutorial we looked at C++ overloading of binary operators. In the comment section of this tutorial the user ‘prince’ asked for a binary operator overloading example of greater than. This tutorial is the answer to his question. More »

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