Programming Style and Naming Conventions

If you use a good naming convention in your source code then this can increase the readability tremendously.
In this tutorial we look at programming style and naming conventions which will increase the readability of the source code. More »

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Programming Style and Readability

Every programmer knows that there are multiple ways to solve the same problem in a programming language like C or C++. This can be considered both a good or a bad thing. It is a good thing because you have the “flexibility” to solve the problem in different ways. More »

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Programming Style, Whitespace and Formatting

You can see if someone is a good programmer not only by the technical solution he/she chooses, but also by the programming style he/she uses in their programs. One of the hallmarks of having a good programming style is consistency and clarity. If the style is constant it is much easier to read and understand. More »

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