Game Programming Book Reviews

In this episode of book reviews we look at two books: “Game Programming Gems Series” and “Real-Time Collision Detection”.

Game Programming Gems Series

These are great books. Every year the development community is asked for papers on state-of-the-art techniques.The best papers are bundled in a book.

One warning: these articles were written by professionals (or almost professionals).
So don't expect that they teach you how to program games.
(They show you how to produce the different effects using the latest techniques).

Sections (many topics per section): Programming techniques, mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Polygonal techniques, Pixel Effects and much more.

These books are a must-have for all who are serious about game programming.
There are six books in this series. They now are working on book seven.

| Author(s): many authors per book | Language: English | ISBN: 1584500492 | Publisher:Charles River-Media |

Real-Time Collision Detection

Real-Time Collision Detection
Excellent resource for every serious game-engine programmer.

The author had done a amazing job of completely covering a large topic that collision detection is.

Collision detection is not a beginner topic and your math should be very good.
(The majority of the example code is given in C++. (Some in pseudo code).

Topics/Chapters: Design issues, Bounding volumes, Basic primitive tests, BSP tree hierarchies, GPU-assisted collision detection and much much more.

This book is an essential addition to every (game-engine) programmer's library.

| Author(s): Christer Ericson | Language: English | ISBN: 1558607323 | Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann |

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