PHP Tutorial – Functions

The power of the PHP language is the large number of built-in functions (more than 700 built-in function and counting lipitor weight gain.) But of course it also possible to create your own functions. In this PHP tutorial we will create our own functions.

A function will only be executed if a function is called by another piece of code. You can see that this is very handy. For example you can keep the browser from executing a script when the page loads by putting your script into a function. Only when the function is called (for example by pushing a button) the function is executed.


function functionName()
      code to be executed;

Some guidelines when creating a PHP function:

  • The function name should reflect what the function does.
  • The function name can start with an underscore or letter. A number is not allowed.

A Function Example

So let’s look at a function example:


    function ourFunction()
         echo "black";

    echo "My car has the color ";


The result of this example will be:

My car has the color black

Also look at the next tutorial where we will explain function parameters in PHP programming language.

That is all for this PHP programming tutorials.

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