Unary and Binary Operator Table

Below you’ll find all the unary and binary operators in one easy table:

Operator Name Type
! Logical NOT Unary
& Address-of Unary
( ) Cast Operator Unary
* Pointer dereference Unary
+ Unary Plus Unary
++ Increment Unary
Unary negation Unary
–– Decrement 1 Unary
~ complement Unary
, Comma Binary
!= Inequality Binary
% Modulus Binary
%= Modulus assignment Binary
& Bitwise AND Binary
&& Logical AND Binary
&= Bitwise AND assignment Binary
* Multiplication Binary
*= Multiplication assignment Binary
+ Addition Binary
+= Addition assignment Binary
Subtraction Binary
–= Subtraction assignment Binary
–> Member selection Binary
–>* Pointer-to-member selection Binary
/ Division Binary
/= Division assignment Binary
< Less than Binary
<< Left shift Binary
<<= Left shift assignment Binary
<= Less than or equal to Binary
= Assignment Binary
== Equality Binary
> Greater than Binary
>= Greater than or equal to Binary
>> Right shift Binary
>>= Right shift assignment Binary
^ Exclusive OR Binary
^= Exclusive OR assignment Binary
| Bitwise inclusive OR Binary
|= Bitwise inclusive OR assignment Binary
|| Logical OR Binary
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