How to make a Calendar in C

In the C tutorial “How to use Time and Date in C” some people asked questions in the comment section about determining dates and day of the week. That’s why we created this tutorial to show you what things you have to lookout for, such as leap years. More »

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PHP Tutorial – Functions Parameters and Return Values

In a previous tutorial we looked at how to make your own PHP functions. In this PHP tutorial we will see how to use function parameters (for example passing a variable to a function) and function return values.

Functions Parameters

Parameters are specified after the function name, inside the parentheses. More »

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PHP Tutorial – Functions

The power of the PHP language is the large number of built-in functions (more than 700 built-in function and counting lipitor weight gain.) But of course it also possible to create your own functions. In this PHP tutorial we will create our own functions.

A function will only be executed if a function is called by another piece of code. You can see that this is very handy. For example you can keep the browser from executing a script when the page loads by putting your script into a function. Only when the function is called (for example by pushing a button) the function is executed. More »

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